Seattle Wine School: Wines of Burgundy

Monday, Oct. 23rd


The Class
Burgundy is one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world.  Boasting more appellations than any other region in France, Burgundy is a terrior-conscious  region that classifies vineyards based on the consistency of quality of the vineyard soil and climate.  This class will cover the grapes allowed to be grown in Burgundy, the classification system (Grand Cru, Premier Cru), and the breakdown of appellations within the region.  Burgundy can be a costly region to explore by wine, so this class is a great opportunity to discover the wonderful wines from this region.


($35 Wine Club Members)

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Seattle Wine School: Fall Class Schedule

Seattle Wine School

Fall 2017

Wine Classes

  • Single Malt Scotch – 10/9/17

  • Wines of Washington – 10/16/17

  • Wines of Burgundy – 10/23/17

  • Mastering the Art of Wine Tasting – 10/30/17, 11/6/17, 11/13/17

  • Dolce Vino (Sweet Wines) – 11/20/17

  • Pairing Wine with Food – 12/4/17

  • Wines of Champagne – 12/11/17

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Seattle Wine School: Mastering the Art of Wine Tasting

3 part series

The Class
If you are serious about pursuing an education in wine, Mastering the Art of Wine Tasting is the most important wine class you may take. It is a thorough grounding in the skills necessary to taste wines like a professional. There are 3 parts to the class: part one teaches the basic principals of tasting wine including how the olfactory system functions, the language of wine, identifying aromas and flavors, detecting off odors and, most importantly, how to approach a glass of wine for tasting. Part two focuses on the components of wine. The components are the basic make-up of wines and they include acid, tannin, sugar and alcohol. We will learn how to identify each component and what its function is in a wine. This information is critical to being a good wine taster. Part three is a smell lab where we will sharpen our skills for identifying aromas.


($105 Wine Club Members)

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Seattle Wine School: Matching Wine with Food


Classes are held every Monday at 7pm at the Wine Outlet on 946 Elliott Ave W. in Seattle.

 Classes are $65 per student, or $35 if you’re a wine club member. For more on our wine club click here

The Class

All the practical information you’ll need to make the best decisions when pairing wines with food. You’ll learn why keying in on the components of the food and wine are more important than trying to match the flavors of each. That’s why a tart crisp white can make most seafood sing and those deliciously sweet glazed carrots can obliterate even the best high-end cabs. Richard originally created and taught this class for the student chefs at Seattle Central Community College culinary arts program.

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Seattle Wine School: Wine 101

Wine 101 Class

Monday, Aug. 21st

The Class

I wish I had a class like this when I was starting my career in the wine industry. Back then there were no classes available to learn the basics of wine. It took me years just to figure out how to approach this vast and complicated subject. That is why I created this class and why I believe it is so important to anyone trying to understand wine. I will break out the different areas of study and give an overview of each along with advice about how to begin your studies.

Save the Date: Labor Day Weekend Wine Sale! 9/1 – 9/4

The wines for our Labor Day Weekend Sale are now arriving, and we will be featuring some cool stuff!  Keep your eyes open.  Prices and more sale details to come.  Starting Monday (8/28), sale wines will be available fore tasting.  Come in during the week to make your weekend sale shopping quick and easy.

Remember, Seattle Wine Club members get to shop early and can take advantage of even lower sale prices!

Seattle Wine School: Wines of Washington Class – 8/14/17

Wines of Washington – 8/14/17  (This Monday)

The Class

This class will put the wines of WA state in perspective for you. You’ll learn what makes WA wines unique (the climate, the soil, and the Big Flood for starters…) in comparison to other wine regions while tasting through some great examples of what WA wines have to offer.

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Cool Summer Wines

It’s hot.  And it appears the heat will be with us for a while.  In these hot times it’s hard to enjoy those big burly high alcohol wines that seemed so satisfying during cooler weather.  What we need now are refreshing summer weight reds, roses and whites that we can chill down to beat the heat.
We’ve got a great selection of these wines but there are a few that I’ve been enjoying myself recently that I would like to personally recommend.

My Favorite Cool Summer Wines!

2015 Chateau de la Ragotiere ‘Les Schistes” Muscadet ‘Sur Lie’

Loire Valley, France


2013 Domaine des Quatre Routes, Muscadet ‘Sur Lie’

Loire Valley, France

market value to:  $18


First, let me make it clear that the wine ‘Muscadet’ is not related to the grape ‘Muscat’, which often gives us those fragrant and sweet dessert wines.
Muscadet is a wine region at the mouth of the Loire River in northwestern France.  Wines from here are dry (not sweet), light, brisk and fresh with a mineral-like character.  These wines are built for seafood.  I have had them at the source with local oysters and river fish and it was one of the most memorable food experiences I’ve had.

2014 Domaine Saint Romain Vin de Savoie ‘Jongieux’

Savoie, France



Savoie is located in eastern France high into the Alps, very close to the Swiss border.  Wines from here are one of the great secrets of French wines.  Wine geeks know and love them but they remain undiscovered by most everyone else.
The wines are made with the local Jacquere grape.  You will notice on the label the word Jongieux. This is a reference to a very special vineyard area of that name.
These wines are light, almost ethereal, with aromas and flavors of minerals, fresh citrus fruits and hints of flowers.  The wine is quite dry (not sweet) and shows layers of complexity, which is always a mark of better wines.

2014 Domaine Franck Millet Sancerre Rose

Loire Valley, France

market value to:  $20


2014 Joseph Mellot Reuilly Rose

Loire Valley, France

market value to:  $20


The village and wine district of Sancerre in the Loire Valley is famous for its outstanding white wines made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes but also red wines and rose wines from Pinot Noir grapes should not be overlooked.  The same is true for the less-known village of Reuilly located just a few kilometers away.
Both of these Pinot Noir based rose wines are elegant and dry and show the influence of the chalk soils and the cool climate.  These are quite sofisticated rose wines and would work well with grilled chicken, pork or even salmon.

Beatrice & Pascal Lambert Chinon

Loire Valley, France

market value to:
$50 ($12.50 per bottle)
Wine Outlet
($7.25 per bottle)
This wine comes in a neat little box holding the equivalent of 4 regular bottles of wine (3 liters).  It has a spigot to release the wine and it will hold it’s freshness for many weeks.  It’s great for boating, camping, BBQ parties or house wine.
The wine is made with the Cabernet Franc from Chinon in the Loire Valley and if it came in regular bottles I would stock it on my shelves.
The wine shows lots of delicious black and red berry flavors. Drink it with pretty much any meat of the grill including pork, chicken, beef and also pasta with red sauce.
Wine Tips
Go ahead and chill your reds.
In this hot weather it really is okay to chill red wines.  Not to refrigerator temps but almost as cool as a white wine.  You wouldn’t want to serve selections from your wine collection this way but most casual red wines will be much more refreshing with a slight chill in hot weather.  Really.
With the sunny weather comes those tiny little fruit flies that appear out of nowhere whenever you peel a banana or open a bottle of wine.  They seem almost impossible to deal with but I have a partial but very satisfying solution.  Your vacuum cleaner hose.  That’s right. Have your vacuum at the ready and whenever you see the pesky little critters hovering around your glass of Cab just turn it on a hoover them up.  It works.

Now On Sale: Crossfire Cider – $5 per bottle

While supplies last!

I can’t remember when I was this excited about a cider but this is one of the best I have tasted in a very long time.  Often ciders can be too sweet but this one is dry, fresh, juicy and snappy crisp – just like biting into a refrigerator-cold apple.  Even folks who say they don’t like ciders are amazed at the satisfying deliciousness of this one.
It is low in alcohol (6%) and just begs to be chilled to near freezing.
I have just 15 (12 bottle) cases.  It is open for tasting.

Seattle Wine School: Introduction to France

Introduction to France – 7/24/17 (This Monday)

France is the most important wine country in the world. Not because it produces the best wines, that’s arguable, but because it produces the standard versions by which virtually every major type of wine is judged. Every Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache, Pinot Noir and even Riesling as well as late harvest dessert wines and, of course, sparkling wines get compared to the French versions. Even France’s system of controlled appellations is emulated as is its concept of ‘terrior’.
This class offers the opportunity to not only be introduced to the great wine regions of France but to understand the system that makes the wine labels so intimidating.
Originally, Richard created a prototype of this class for an organization of the French government (SOPEXA), which retained me to teach it to the wine trade, which I did for many years. Now this is your chance to gain a basic understanding of perhaps the greatest wine country in the world.

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