Seattle Wine School: Wine 101

This Monday: March 3rd, 7 p.m.

I wish I had a class like this when I was starting my career in the wine industry. Back then there were no classes available to learn the basics of wine. It took me years just to figure out how to approach this vast and complicated subject. That is why I created this class and why I believe it is so important to anyone trying to understand wine. I will break out the different areas of study and give an overview of each along with advice about how to begin your studies.

Seattle Wine School: Pairing Wine With Food – 2/27/17


The Class

All the practical information you’ll need to make the best decisions when pairing wines with food. You’ll learn why keying in on the components of the food and wine are more important than trying to match the flavors of each. That’s why a tart crisp white can make most seafood sing and those deliciously sweet glazed carrots can obliterate even the best high-end cabs. Richard originally created and taught this class for the student chefs at Seattle Central Community College culinary arts program.

Classes are $65 per student, or $35 if you’re a wine club member (for more on our wine club click here).

Grand Cru Wines of Burgundy – 2/20/17

What is Grand Cru?

It will come as no surprise that the French take their wines very seriously. More than any other wine country they are almost compulsive about culling out the very best from the best and the mere very good. To this end they have devised several ‘classification’ systems to put the spotlight on their finest wines. In this system the very best wines are referred to as Grand Cru and few would argue that these are among the best wines made anywhere.

The Class

In our class on Monday we will taste and explore the the Grand Cru wines of Burgundy. We will learn about the classification system and how these elite wines have qualified for the status. While price alone is never the sole arbiter of quality some of the wines to be studied have price tags of several hundred dollars. This is a rare and special opportunity to not only taste a Grand Cru wine but to compare it to others of the same caliber.

You really do not want to miss this opportunity.

Annual Wurst Roast/Super Bowl Party and Big Sale

February 5th 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For twelve years now I have been hosting a party on Super Bowl Sunday. I pile lots of brats onto my smoker/grill right in the parking lot of the Wine Outlet and let them get all smoky and delicious and then I open bottles of wine. And what kind of a Wine Outlet party would it be if I didn’t put some
great wines on sale at ridiculous prices? So there will be lots of great smokey brats, cheap wines and plenty of fun. Kids and friends are welcome and you can be home in plenty of time for the kick-off. No reservations are needed just stop by when you can (early if you want the sale wines). There is no charge.

Wine Class: Introduction to France

Monday, November 14th  7 pm


France is the most important wine country in the world. Not because it produces the best wines, that’s arguable, but because it produces the standard versions by which virtually every major type of wine is judged. Every Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache, Pinot Noir and even Riesling as well as late harvest dessert wines and, of course, sparkling wines get compared to the French versions. Even France’s system of controlled appellations is emulated as is its concept of ‘terrior’.
This class offers the opportunity to not only be introduced to the great wine regions of France but to understand the system that makes the wine labels so intimidating.
Originally, Richard created a prototype of this class for an organization of the French government (SOPEXA), which retained me to teach it to the wine trade, which I did for many years. Now this is your chance to gain a basic understanding of perhaps the greatest wine country in the world.


($35 Wine Club Members)

To register for classes, email or give us a call at (206) 285-1129

Black Friday Sale


Friday November 25th.

Our Black Friday Sale! is always one of the biggest sales of the year for us.  Right up there with our Annual Pig Roast in March.

We will be updating you soon on the sale wines.  Plus, all sale wines will be available to preview starting Monday, November 21st.  Come by during the week to taste and make your Black Friday shopping even easier!

Buy This Wine!

Marques de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc

On Sale Until Monday, October 17th

Even though the weather is now cooler and our palettes want hardy foods and rich red wines there is still a place for crisp and zesty whites like this utterly delicious Sauvignon Blanc from the Rueda region of Spain. The bodega (winery) Marques de Riscal has been supplying us with well made Rioja reds and other wines like this Sauvignon Blanc for as long as I can remember.

The wine is in the store now so stop in and give it a taste. You won’t be disappointed.

Market Value to $15

Wine Outlet Price:

($6 Wine Club Members)

Buy This Wine!

Kennedy Shah
2013 Aunti Meredith’s Blend
Columbia Valley White Wine

I just came across this exceptional wine and although I don’t have a big sale on the calendar until November I wanted to make it available at this extraordinary price. So here it is.

This delightful white blend from one of Washington’s most respected producers is fresh, dry and crisp with flavors and aromas that remind me of melons, apples and blossoms. And no trees were harmed in the production of this wine (no oak). Serve it with scallops, cheeses, pork roast, crab or sip it while watching football.

Market Value to $18

Wine Outlet Price:

($6 Wine Club Members)

Introduction to Italy Wine Class – 9/19/16 (This Monday)

We’re headed further into our fall wine class schedule this week.  This weeks class is a good one.  The Introduction to Italy Class is a favorite here at the Wine Outlet.  This class does tend to fill up, so be sure to sign up soon!


With its hundreds of years of winemaking history, 20 unique winegrowing regions and with over 800 wine grape varieties, Italy is an educational adventure from grape to glass. This class will explore major wine regions of Italy, the country’s wine laws & regulations, grape varietals, Italian wine culture, history and traditions, and key differentiating characteristics.


(Wine Club Price $35)

Wines of the Southern Rhone Class This Monday, 9/12

The first of our fall wine classes is coming up this Monday, and we are very excited.  We have a class on the wines of the Southern Rhone.  All classes are $65 per person, $35 for wine club members.  To register, call us at 206-285-1129 or email

Explore the wines of the southern Rhone with us. The southern sub-region produces an array of red, white and rosé wines, often blends of several grapes such as in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This region has a more Mediterranean climate with milder winters and hot summers. The differing terroirs, together with the rugged landscape which partly protects the valleys from the Mistral, produce microclimates which give rise to a wide diversity of wines. A feature of the cultivation of the region is the use of large pebbles around the bases of the vines to absorb the heat of the sun during the day to keep the vines warm at night when, due to the cloudless skies, there is often a significant drop in temperature. Join us and find out more!