Grand Cru Wines of Burgundy – 2/20/17

What is Grand Cru?

It will come as no surprise that the French take their wines very seriously. More than any other wine country they are almost compulsive about culling out the very best from the best and the mere very good. To this end they have devised several ‘classification’ systems to put the spotlight on their finest wines. In this system the very best wines are referred to as Grand Cru and few would argue that these are among the best wines made anywhere.

The Class

In our class on Monday we will taste and explore the the Grand Cru wines of Burgundy. We will learn about the classification system and how these elite wines have qualified for the status. While price alone is never the sole arbiter of quality some of the wines to be studied have price tags of several hundred dollars. This is a rare and special opportunity to not only taste a Grand Cru wine but to compare it to others of the same caliber.

You really do not want to miss this opportunity.